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What Is SEO & Why You Need It!

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is the process of increasing the amount and quality of traffic to a website via organic search results.

Business happens online, and your website should be optimised to show up when people are looking for what you offer. You need SEO in Malaysia because it increases the visibility of your business, meaning more people will visit your site and convert to potential leads and sales.

Ranking a website isn’t as simple as tweaking a few bits and showing up in the #1 spot on Google. In fact, it is a complicated balance of various components that must be cultivated over time to guarantee a successful campaign toward the top spots.

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What We Do

We are an SEO company & internet marketing agency in Malaysia that offers tailored campaigns for every website we work with. This means we create handcrafted, full-range SEO packages for your website, offering you a completely hands-off and worry-free solution to your ranking endeavours.

From the onset of your project, we offer an in-depth evaluation of your website to determine exactly what it needs to see ranking results. Next, we create a customised package for your site, giving you a blueprint for the various tasks we will employ and inviting you to test our services for one-month without a contract.

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Keyword Research

Keyword research includes understanding what searches your site is and is not ranking for. Upon determining this, the findings are used in your campaign to optimise your site to rank for keywords that are quick wins, along with targeting harder-to-rank keywords over time.

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On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO includes H1 and meta title optimisations, content relevance optimisations, internal and external linking optimisations, image size and tag optimisation, content additions and analysis, and much more.

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Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO includes placing links from relevant sites, local sites, contextually relevant locations, and authority sites (both general and niche). It also includes citations that include the brand’s NAP and the writing and syndication of press releases.

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Monthly Reporting

Reports will give you an indication of the following for that month: on-page actions, off-page actions, keyword ranking improvements, traffic improvements, and month-over-month traffic acquisition reports.

How It Works

Our streamlined SEO services in Malaysia were created with the user in mind, which is why we’ve tailored our offering to include a free audit report and SEO proposal for clients. Learn how we’ve made this simple for you through our easy, five-step system.

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Project Management

You’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager, and within 24 hours (excluding weekends) you’ll receive an email prompting you to send over the information we need to start our next analysis stage.
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Research & Discovery

After receiving your details, we will outline and analyse your site. Upon doing so, we will offer in-depth information on the current, technical SEO state of your website, including keyword research and findings of the best points to target.

We will also offer a thorough audit of your website to identify any issues that may be currently impacting or could impact your site’s SEO in the future.

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Campaign Strategy & Areas of Improvement

After you’ve given us the green light to move forward, we will create a baseline report that details the current state of your site’s SEO. We will also detail the best optimisations that should be performed on your site and list what we will carry out. Upon determining what we’re going to target, we will send you a list of the recommended and relevant phrases we’re aiming for.

We will continue to customise your campaign on a monthly basis, ensuring that your site is being monitored regularly so the best results can be achieved.

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We will perform both the on-page and off-page optimisations for your site during the implementation phase. To guarantee our no-hassle policy for your SEO, we may need to gain access to your site’s admin panel and hosting. This will allow us to make minor changes to your website’s content and code to guarantee it is optimised properly.

We never implement anything on your site without your consent, meaning you will know about everything that happens beforehand and can approve it accordingly.

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At the end of every month, we create white-labelled reports that will show:

  • All on-page actions
  • All off-page actions
  • Keyword ranking improvements
  • Traffic improvements
  • Month-over-month traffic acquisition reports

Every month, you will be able to see how we’re doing and how your site is doing. Offering clear reporting that will indicate the trajectory of your campaign, we promise to keep you current on all the happenings of your site from start to finish.

Commitment & Cancellation Terms

You should always receive a transparent service when it comes to your online marketing efforts. With our SEO agency in Malaysia, we promise you will. Our customised SEO campaigns are simple to understand:

  • We offer your first month as a test period where you pay your monthly fee and are not obligated to signing a contract. This means you will receive a customised, SEO blueprint for FREE and a no-obligation 1-month service.
  • Once you’ve seen the amazing results we can get you in that first month, then we offer your monthly, tailored SEO campaign on a 6-month minimum contracted basis.
  • Why 6-month minimum? SEO is a process that sees the best results over time because trends change with Google’s algorithm updates.

We will be able to achieve quick wins for your site in your first trial-month. But any prosperous SEO campaign has to be cultivated over the long-term to see withstanding results.

Why People Choose Us

We help you build a better tomorrow.

We’re dedicated to anticipating and analysing your needs carefully.

Experience has taught us how important it is to evaluate the needs of every client we have because no client is the same. We treat every site uniquely because there is no one-size-fits-all in SEO, and you should be sceptical of any company telling you differently. Because of this, every customers’ and sites’ needs vary, and we are committed to anticipating how we can help in any way possible.

We provide industry leading and proven solutions.

We are proud of our services because they’re unlike any of our competitors. Not only does our track record indicate that we can achieve results, but it also shows that we are trend setters for how to do business in online marketing.

We’ve tailored our user experience to fit your needs.

Too often, online marketing companies are too much about the profit they can make and not enough about you. But that’s not how we do business. We have developed our systems after years of trialling. We’ve figured out the strategies needed to tailor campaigns that work best for you.

We stay current on all the fast-changing trends in the industry.

Our SEO specialists are committed to their craft and profession. This means they are always current on Google’s algorithm updates and continue their education according to the trends of the ever-changing online world.

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Receive Your FREE Proposal & 1-Month Trial Today

Whether you’re an SEO newbie or want us to help lighten your load, we’re prepared to help you with all your SEO requirements.

Submit your email and company details, and your designated account manager will reach out within 24-hours to get the ball rolling. It’s that simple.

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